8 June 2012

Cakewalk - Wired

Artist: Cakewalk
Album: Wired
Genre: Experimental, Instrumental, Jazz
Label: Hubro Music
Year: 2012
From : Norway

1. Glass 5:53
2. Descent 7:51
3. Soil 3:33
4. Perpetual 5:05
5. Wired 3:07
6. Kammer 5:15

A poetic slice of noise that is both surrealistic and harmonically beautiful, Cakewalk, a Norwegian trio meld their rock influences with European improvisation to create a frenzy and captivating debut, Wired, that is meant to heard loud.
Hailing from a series of bands, Skar, Meidell and Bjornstad make an opening statement with "Glass" and "Descent," two divergent pieces that really lay the groundwork for the session. "Glass" is steady repetition of sounds that is like Steve Reich meeting Slowdive. Peaceful, experimental and introspective but retaining a nice sense of intrigue that keeps the listener on their toes.

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