19 June 2012

Hidden by the grapes - If radios spoke with their hearts

Artist: Hidden by the grapes
Album: If radios spoke with their hearts
Genre: Post-rock, Indie-sound, Alternatives
Label: Sooder, Numavi, Pumpkin Records
Year: 2012
From : Graz, Austria

01. some of you will go on 04:27
02. jagged bones 04:45
03. petunia 03:51
04. fairmount city walls 05:12
05. crash test dummies don't have plans for the future 01:30
06. death to all the ladybugs 03:40
07. the new will fade, the old praised forever 03:15
08. in bubbleguns 05:10
09. chalupník 03:30
10. now that it's gone it's ok 06:20

Hidden by the grapes is a trio hailing from graz, austria. the band is known to describe their style as post-everything while others would say they play indie or alternative. their music draws influence from post-punk or post-rock but generally speaking it is very hard to include hidden by the grapes in a specific subgenre. using three voices, a synthesizer and a keyboard originally intended to be played by little children the band definitely does not fit into the typical rock-trio cliché. the debut album “noise-operated jazz” received early praise from critics who found the record “really refreshing”. a 7’’ vinyl disc was later released on their own label “sooder records” as split with the post-rockers lambda. the second full-length album “if radios spoke with their hearts” will be released on june 22, 2012 on the well-known austrian label pumpkin records.

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