2 June 2012

Divers On The Moon - Aligned Lights

Artist: Divers On The Moon
Album: Aligned Lights
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : Monza, Milano

01. Lapislazzuli 04:44
02. Raining Sun 03:29
03. DiastoleSistole 07:22
04. Lices In Love With Hairs 04:28
05. Zarathustra 03:19
06. Catch A Zebra 03:23
07. F.lying.GOD 2.0 05:01

Divers On The Moon is the name chosen to underline the detachment from the conventional music. The Trio spent two years playing live shows in Milan and province winning praise among critics and audience. In the meantime, they write music and improvise. The result of their performances and jam sessions is the first album, "Aligned Lights" recently released.

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