9 September 2012

Syberia - Drawing a Future

Artist: Syberia
Album: Drawing a Future
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : Barcelona, Spain

01. Renaissance 06:47
02. Stampede 05:03
03. Colossus Collapse 05:12
04. Tidal Waves 08:34
05. Skissa 01:32
06. Drawing a Future 06:04
07. The Day After the End of the World 03:58
08. Red Dawn 03:33
09. Framtíð 01:16
10. Ära 03:46

It is said that the name of the coldest area in Russia comes from the Turkish words for “asleep land”. Anyhow, Syberia instrumental rock music gives off such a warmth and instrumental intensity that they attracted our attention from the very first minute. Dreamy passages and explosions of real magic. The quartet is formed by Oscar Linares – guitar, Kandro Dillinger – bass, Carlos Alonso –guitar, and Oscar Caselles –drums. The project started in 2009. For fans of Mogwai, Isis, Russian Circles and If These Trees Could Talk.

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