18 March 2013

Dorena - Nuet

Artist: Dorena
Album: Nuet
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Deep Elm Records (Digital), Bandog Records (CD/Vinyl)
Year: 2013
From : Göteborg , Sweden

01. Semper 05:36
02. Her Comforting Touch 04:42
03. Young Hearts Of Summer 06:07
04. Dandelion 08:12
05. My Childhood Friend 05:49
06. A Late Farewell 09:27
07. The All-Clear 08:21

"Nuet is the Swedish word for 'the present', and as the name suggests, the album very much revolves around the concept of time. The songs are attempts to capture the little things, the short fragments. Be it a thought, memory, a touch or a scent, we try to describe these fragments, and encapsulate them in our music" says guitarist / vocalist Kim Ruiz. He continues, "A lot of things took place in our lives during the past two and a half years since our last release. And as we grow older, we notice that the years keep flying by faster and faster. These songs are ways for us to hold onto things that would otherwise be distorted by memory or fall into oblivion. The cover artwork by Paula Dudek is meant to represent the moment in time where the past and the future meet to form what is known as the present."

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