7 March 2013

A Veil Of Water - Reminder

Artist: A Veil Of Water
Album: Reminder
Genre: Neo-Classical, Post-rock, Piano
Label: Hidden Vibes
Year: 2013
From : Norway

01. Estrela
02. Nostalgia
03. Echoes
04. A Promise Of Hope
05. Remember
06. Aeons
07. Stepping Stones
08. Innocence Kept Still
09. Retrouvailles
10. The Rose Quartz
11. Fall
12. Vanishing Stars

A Veil Of Water is a one-man project hailing from the deep valleys of Norway. Initially the project revolved around a single piano and has since evolved into a multi-instrumental work merging various post-rock, ambient, and classical flavors. A Veil Of Water is emotive, melancholic, and intimate, creating a multi-layered musical experience for the listener.

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