25 March 2013

Vermona - You Are the Key

Artist: Vermona
Album: You Are the Key
Genre: Post-metal
Label: Purple Buffalo Studios
Year: 2013
From : Komsomolsk, Ukraine

01. Chapter I (Explore) 02:18
02. Chapter II (Destroy) 06:23
03. Chapter III (Extinct) 04:00
04. Chapter IV (Cherish) 03:10
05. Chapter V (Forget) 03:30
06. Chapter VI (Forgive) 03:22
07. Chapter VII (Release) 08:47

With industrial machines from the one side and untouched nature with its divine beauty from another, in the town on the great river new child was born, given the name Vermona. 7 of January, 2012.In the day when Orthodox Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, Vermona tells us a story named VII, which she had to bear for a long time, a chapter in a life of a simple man, who had wandered in search of himself for so long.

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