18 March 2013

The Little Explorer - Siderali

Artist: The Little Explorer
Album: Siderali
Genre: Post-rock, Progressive, Emo
Label: Time Travel Opps
Year: 2013
From : UK

01. Harmonics 03:42
02. A Fork In The Road 03:22
03. Lampshades For Neo-Tokyo 03:59
04. Glued 05:01
05. Spares 03:35
06. 35 Summers 06:46
07. Noddy 03:07
08. Global Nod 05:47
09. Siderali 02:11

This album has felt like a ghost for ages. Something that died that people ask us about from time to time. So fuck it. Here it is. Stick it in your ear pipes nice and loud and think about what you were doing six or seven years ago. This is what we were.

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