7 December 2012

Amonie - Last Rites

Artist: Amonie
Album: Last Rites
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Aquarius Records
Year: 2012
From : San Jose

01. King of Prussia 08:14
02. You're Moving Too Fast For Me, Take Me Back To Yours (David Beckham) 03:54
03. Motocross 3 04:39
04. Korean Apology 05:48
05. Vatican 2 08:18
06. You Thought It Meant Something 13:22

Amonie is a post rock band from San Jose, CA.

Last Rites is the debut full length from this moody instrumental post rock combo from San Jose, and it's awesome. The band dropped off copies ages ago, and we're kicking ourselves for taking so long to listen, cuz it's pretty much everything we love about this kind of stuff, soaring and majestic, epic and moody and emotional. Definitely beholden to another time, their sound reminiscent of the nineties, and the whole instrumental math/post rock scene that flourished then, it was an era of music we love and miss, and we wish there were more bands today doing something similar. Amonie take that nineties post rock, and give it a modern makeover, fusing it to a more brooding slow build Godspeed style, and definitely adding their own twist, the opener here "King Of Prussia" is a near pitch perfect 8+ minutes of brooding, smoldering, epic post rock heaviness, slipping easily from intricate loping melodic mesmer, to churning, stormy noisy heaviness, rife with explosive climaxes, soaring tangled guitar melodies, powerful drumming, super intense and cinematic, peppered with hushed expanses of muted minimal thrum, and string laced melancholic shimmer, all leading up to an explosive finale.

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