14 December 2012

Matryoshka - Laideronnette

Artist: Matryoshka
Album: Laideronnette
Genre: Shoegaze, Experimental
Label: Virgin Babylon Records
Year: 2012
From : Japan

01. Monotonous Purgatory
02. Noctambulist
03. Sacred Play Secret Place
04. Instant Immortal
05. Cut All Trees
06. Butterflysoup
07. Hallucinatory Halo
08. Oblivion
09. Niedola
10. Gentle Afternoon

Matryoshka's debut album "zatracenie" was released in 2007 and made incredible high sales only by word of mouth despite they were unknown at that time.

On 12th Dec, 2012, they release long-awaited 2nd album"Laiderinnette",the first new material in 5 years. The album is filled with magnificent strings and soft piano sounds ,these are creating inorganic but organic rhythms beats and also resonate with somber voice and carefully composed noise. Their sound image, melody and vision of the world,all of them are deepen and make their darkness sympathize with brand new slanted lights.

Virgin Babylon Records

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