2 March 2012

Reserve De Marche - Demo 2011

Artist: Reserve De Marche
Album: Demo 2011
Genre: Post-rock, Post-metal
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2011
From : Moscow, Russia

01. Le Garage
02. Wood Of The Maniac
03. Song For Hedgehog
04. Stephan`s Dream

Reserve de Marche was formed in late 2009 - early 2010. By the time Alexander Alexeyev has almost despaired of finding musicians for their project - to play an instrumental post-metal, he wanted in 2008 when he heard the Americans Russian Circles. Despite the popularity of the genre, search for colleagues provigalsya very slowly. Finally in November 2009, Lex met Dmitry Pomogaeva - drummer while away from heavy metal project CERM, where he played for over 3 years and decided to try to force the new style.

After the first rehearsal, it became clear that the cooperation will turn fruitful. It remained to find a third party. As it turned out, the bass player ready to play this music, even less than the drummers, search dragged on until January 2010. Then the group is already working title Reserve de Marche, joined by Andrew Hill Bagdasarov.

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