20 March 2012

Charge Group - Charge Group

Artist: Charge Group
Album: Charge Group
Genre: Alternative, Cinematique
Label: Microphone & Loudspeaker (Aus) / Own Records (Europe)
Year: 2012
From : Sydney, Australia

01. The Gold is Gone 06:08
02. Broken Sunlight 03:33
03. Volcano 03:09
04. Resistencia 04:32
05. Run 04:16
06. The Jaguar Complex 03:59
07. Dominoes 03:10
08. I Saw The Leaves Falling Back To Their Branches 06:18
09. Search Party 04:23
10. Hearth of Your Home 06:53
11. Janet's Song 02:58

Charge Group play loud dynamic rock music (with an electric guitar, a violin, an electric bass and a set of drums) that can instigate sorrow, health, rapture, rapid eye movement, toothache and intrusive self-assessment all at once. They will light your way home then welcome you at the door with a punch in the guts.


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