3 March 2012

Anoice - The Black Rain

Artist: Anoice
Album: The Black Rain
Genre: Post-rock, Violin, Cinematique, Instrumental
Label: Ricco Label
Year: 2012
From : Tokyo, Japan

01. Self-Portrait 4:59
02. Colder Than Thermite 7:02
03. Ripple 7:41
04. Tipsy Dance 2:50
05. Cat In The Rain 4:22
06. White Paper 7:33
07. Drops 5:39
08. The End Of Something 1:54
09. Finale 7:48
10. Fall Asleep 3:18

Anoice is a Tokyo based six piece group formed by Takahiro Kido, Taku Tanioka, Yuki Murata, Utaka Fujiwara, Takahiro Matsue and Tadashi Yoshikawa who are the multi instruments players, and have been working together since 2004. Their debut album "Remmings" in which Non-Format took charge of art works, was released from Important Records, Boston 2006, while their second album "Out of Season" and third "Ruined-Hotel Sessions" recorded at the ruin hotel, were released from Ricco Label that is their own music label in Tokyo, 2008. Many artists all over the world thought highly of these three albums. Anoice also has some other projects such as RiLF (an alternative rock band formed by the members of Anoice and Calu who is the vocalist of Matryoshka), mokyow (a post-rock band formed by Takahiro Kido, Takahiro Matsue and Tadashi Yoshikawa who are the members of anoice, and the keyboardist Kenichi Kai) and cru (a neo-classical unit formed by Takahiro Kido and Yuki Murata), and some secret projects.


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