31 March 2012

Ex Confusion - Embrace

Artist: Ex Confusion
Album: Embrace
Genre: Ambient, Shoegaze
Label: Rural Colours. Heat Death Records, Somehow Recordings, U Cover
Year: 2012
From : Japan

01. grass harp
02. if there is love
03. embrace
04. desire
05. speak softly in my dreams
06. be still
07. one of us
08. sketches for the truth
09. when i think of you
10. with you

The second album from Atsuhito Omori's Ex Confusion project. His first since taking part in Keith Kenniff's (Helios, Goldmund) 'For Nihon' compilation, Embrace consist of ten tracks of emotionally themed soloist ambient composed for guitar and piano. At it's core, the album conjures strong themes of nostalgia. Wonderfully warm, hazy, sun-lit memories that actually seem tangible.

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