20 March 2012

Lastdayshining - Our Heated Backs Encircle Us

Artist: Lastdayshining
Album: Our Heated Backs Encircle Us
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : Jefferson, NY

01. The Sun is Up 04:43
02. Son's Away 06:02
03. Turning Without Masks 05:52
04. We Were Made of... 05:34
05. Flowers in the Sand 04:48
06. In Brothers's Hands 04:21
07. Shadow's We See 08:15
08. Beauty, Untold 03:50
09. You Forgot How to Love 06:30

The story of lastdayshining begins in a small town called Jefferson in the heart of the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. The original members of the band included Jesse Bulka, Chris Hardiman, and brothers Mike and Bob Kendall. They played shows together mostly during the summer months while Bob was home from college and while the other three were waiting to go back to a senior year of high school. Tragedy struck and original bassist Bob was probably going to miss a summer of shows due to a trip to Europe to play jazz. So that's when current drummer, Gabe Miller, was added to the mix to keep LDS a four piece. They cut a small 2 song EP together in a studio in Marcellus NY which transitioned the gap between the old and new line-ups. However, Bob never eneded up going to Europe and came back to play guitar for lastdayshining instead. They recorded a full length album called "Our Heated Backs Encircle Us" in the summer of 2007. Nowadays, the boys are continuing to write new music, play more shows, and follow their passion for music more and more closely.

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