23 November 2011

Panzer Queen - When All Our Fathers Worshiped Stock And Stone

Artist: Panzer Queen
Album: When All Our Fathers Worshiped Stock And Stone
Genre : Shoegaze, Indie, Progressive
Label : Birds Robe Collective
Year: 2011
From: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

01. Restless Sea, Asleep
02. Flight From The White Shores
03. Into The Golden Ocean
04. Ruby Your Eyes Are...
05. Selkie Stole My Heart And Hid It In The Sea
06. The Rain Made A Door For Me
07. Idioglossia

The second EP from one of Sydney's most beloved post-rock bands. Panzer Queen have crafted their best work yet, anchored by the stunning showcase single 'Into The Golden Ocean'. Sonically, the EP is a step forward from previous work, with the band and their producer Chris Chrisci working to deliver one of this year's gems.


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