25 November 2011

The Telephone - Materialisme Dialektika Logika

Artist: The Telephone
Album: Materialisme Dialektika Logika
Genre: Alternative, Psychedelic, Shoegaze, Indie
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2011
From : Purwokerto - Central Java, Indonesia

01. Unreality
02. Temper Tantrum
03. Falling Star
04. Cermin
05. Highway

The Telephone is a noise pop band from Purwokerto, Indonesia that was founded in 2002. Since 2004 The Telephone has changed their personnel and switch genres. Stage begins with british-pop genre that evolved into british-rock, and neo-psychedelic with shoegazing style, of course not affected by trends. The Telephone influenced by Pink Floyd, Sigur Ros, MBV, Sonic Youth, etc


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