25 November 2011

Glass America - Fathom

Artist: Glass America
Album: Fathom
Genre: Ambient, Post-Rock, Indie
Label: Driven Records
Year: 2011
From : Boston, Massachusetts, US

01. Mariner
02 .Entropy
03. Still
04. Swell
05. Cauda, a Reprise
06. Turning 03:21
07. Though he slay me...
08. Inertia
09. The Veil
10. Canals
11. Che Sei Nei Cieli (but sometimes we would walk...)

Glass America began in 2008 with a vision of rejecting the formulaic structures and textures that typify much of Post-rock. Members John Mirisola, Micah Wilson, Michael Foye, Rafaell Rozendo and Jared Deame wanted to create an original sound that encapsulated the best of ambient, instrumental music without succumbing to its clichés or being limited by what has come to be expected. Hailing from Wenham, Massachusetts - a small seaside town just north of Boston - Glass America is a mostly instrumental band that relies heavily on the sonic demeanor of the music to push the motifs of their sound.


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