3 July 2013

Skyed Pillars - Cloud Opus

Artist: Skyed Pillars
Album: Cloud Opus
Genre: Post-rock, Cinematique
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2013
From : Munich, Germany

01. Cloud Opus 12:31
02. Cassiopeia 08:04
03. Davenport Creek 09:17
04. Creation 12:41
05. Fated Children 09:36

Hailing from Munich, Germany, Skyed Pillars is the moniker behind the solo work of Christian P. Bassett , a musician that strives to deliver a really personal take on post rock, blending elements of post-metal as well as cinematic influences, not unlike seminal genre pioneers such as Explosions in The Sky or Stars of the lid.

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  1. Horrible production, horrible.