9 July 2013

Good Weather For An Airstrike - A Sense Of Uncertainty

Artist: Good Weather For An Airstrike
Album: A Sense Of Uncertainty
Genre: Ambient, Shoegaze
Label: Hibernate Recordings / Sound In Silence / Rural Colours / Bad Panda / Audio Gourmet / Sonic Reverie Records / Hawk Moon Records
Year: 2013
From : Winchester, UK.

01. Two Miles Of Uncertainty 07:01
02. Stop Everything! It's Snowing 03:58
03. Lasting Effect 04:05
04. Are You OK? 03:25
05. Two Hours Of Uncertainty 01:45

The Good Weather For An Airstrike project was initially conceived at the beginning of 2009 to help Tom Honey alleviate the issues caused by suffering from tinnitus, which causes a ringing sensation in the ear and can often result in difficulty sleeping. The idea was to create a collection of relaxing sounds which would help induce sleep. Tom has released albums & EP’s through Hibernate Recordings, Sound In Silence, Rural Colours, Bad Panda Records, Audio Gourmet, Sonic Reverie & Hawk Moon Records. His work draws on all of his musical influences and presents itself as a rich tapestry of lulling drones that hints at a diluted form of post-rock.

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