1 July 2013

Arbor Lights - Hatherton Lake

Artist: Arbor Lights
Album: Hatherton Lake
Genre: Post-rock, Progressive
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2013
From : Birmingham, UK

01. The Silent City 07:19
02. Interstellar 05:22
03. Damascus 12:53
04. Silhouettes 07:11
05. The Mayor & The Diver 08:04

Arbor Lights have been making a racket in their home town of Birmingham since 2010. They're Greg, Alex, Matt and James and they stole their name from the pub where they met. They self-released their first single On A Sea in 2011, and a self-titled EP in 2012. Since then they have gigged around Birmingham (and occasionally further afield) with too many amazing bands to name.

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