5 June 2013

The Ansion - When The Clyde Floods, We'll All Get Carried Away

Artist: The Ansion
Album: When The Clyde Floods, We'll All Get Carried Away
Genre: Post-rock, Ambient
Label: Mountoverlords Record
Year: 2013
From : Ayrshire, United Kingdom

01. The Everyday Heartache of Being Scottish 04:42
02. Is That a Dog, or Geese? 04:54
03. Keep a Safe Distance 05:30
04. Glasgow Smiles Better 05:14
05. Beards Have Mystical Powers, Proceed With Caution 03:27
06. Nothing Important Is Ever Going To Happen 02:43
07. Soon Be Home 04:53
08. The Wisdom of the Crowd 05:22
09. And All Their Faces Wore Blank Expressions 15:14

When The Clyde Floods is a varied, experimental record that draws sonic influences from lots of places whilst still retaining an obvious cohesion. And, whilst Innes' other Bandcamp tags of 'depression' and 'heartbreak' are reflected in the more melancholy sections of the music, there's still hope to be found, peeking through in bursts like the sun through thick cloud -- you'll just need an open mind, a dark sense of humour and your best pair of headphones to hear it. read more...

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