3 June 2013

Say!More! - Marginalia (EP)

Artist: Say!More!
Album: Marginalia (EP)
Genre: Post-rock, Post-metal
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2013
From : St.Petersburg, Russia

01. 5:35 01:12
02. Aggressive Indifference 05:05
03. Serenaded by a Terror Bird 03:36
04. Louder Than This 02:56
05. Insomnious Rout 04:22

The idea of creating a band desperately struggled in my head almost the whole 2012, but persistent doubts about the style and concept, as well as the inability to constantly work on new material, kept it until February 2013. After two months of work on the music and a month of preparation debut ep Marginalia was released. It was made of drafts and ideas accumulated over four years and were not used in past bands. According to the concept - this is the soundtrack of one sleepless day where every track - a new stage of sleep deprivation, a new mood. All tracks are recorded and mixed by one person on one laptop without leaving the room.

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