29 May 2013

Flash the Readies - In Belvedere

Artist: Flash the Readies
Album: In Belvedere
Genre: Post-rock, Alternative, Progressive
Label: Full Moon
Year: 2013
From : Czech

01. Intimate 05:27
02. Neverland 04:44
03. Burden (we share) 04:21
04. Elevate 04:13
05. Lost in Vera 04:16
06. Void 07:02
07. Escapist 04:58
08. Deep (in the woods) 03:22
09. Empire to reach 03:54
10. Rise 04:30
11. Encounter 05:31
12. ...Outland 07:53

Czech band Flash the Readies was formed in 2006. During this long period of time the band recorded two regular albums, two EPs and has gone through a very long and interesting development in their music style. Flash the Readies are floating in the waters of alternative rock, hand in hand with psychedelia, to the distant post rock shores. A key element of theirpresent image is the conceptual approach which is fully developed in their recent album In Belvedere. The album was released together with an original comic book that illustrates the story and creates an exceptional artistic atmosphere. In Belvedere was released on Full Moon label, which is also the only Czech music magazine focusing on the independent scene.

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