24 May 2013

Bright like the Sun - Coda Fin

Artist: Bright like the Sun
Album: Coda Fin
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2013
From : San Antonio, TX

01. Morse Coda 05:30
02. An Undying Breed of Anarchy 07:12
03. She Comes in Waves 07:40
04. Fathers 04:25
05. Across the Floors of Silent Seas 08:18
06. Calm Coda 07:58

Bright Like The Sun is a Post-Rock band from San Antonio. They were born in early 2012 from the collective desire to make beautiful, thought provoking, and at times, chaotic music. Attuned to their affinity for dynamics, seeing them live takes the listener from deafening walls of orchestrated sound, to melodies so subtle that one finds themselves acutely aware of their own breathing.

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