16 April 2013

Misha Mishenko - strákur sem spilar með vindi

Artist: Misha Mishenko
Album: strákur sem spilar með vindi
Genre: Neo-classical, Shoegaze, Piano
Label: Flowers Blossom In The Space
Year: 2013
From : Moscow

01. kvöld í borginni 03:28
02. fundi með vindi 03:40
03. skilningi 03:42
04. móðir Náttúra 05:55
05. á hliðarlínunni 02:39
06. öndun fiðrildi 03:12
07. síðast Swan 02:41
08. þjóðarmorð 05:02
09. þoka í þér 03:14
10. á þeim tíma 03:53

Misha Mishenko is a young and talented Russian composer who creates music at the junction of neoclassical, instrumental and ambient genres. His first release saw the light in 2006. Since that he has been composing his strong, lyric and emotional music under various pseudonyms. The main theme of his works arises from the influence of his northern counterparts. Misha Mishenko incarnates his dreams of the far North with its boundless valleys, pure cold streams and dormant volcanoes in his compositions titled in Icelandic (Frá þyrna til stjarnanna, timbur inni í þér etc.) In 2013 Misha Mishenko gets to the new level in his craft by creating two professional releases (EP “sátt á sviðum” and album “strákur sem spilar með vindi”) which appeared on Russian Flowers Blossom In The Space music label. The records carry on his passion for Iceland and present us a composer worth to be heard worldwide. May 4 and 5 this year Misha Mishenko is playing two concerts in St. Petersburg and Moscow with his northern friend and counterpart Olafur Arnalds.

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