8 February 2013 - The Glass/Nails EP

Album: The Glass/Nails EP
Genre: Post-rock, Post-metal
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2013
From : Athens, Greece

01. Raindrops And Oceans 07:37
02. Alterecho 06:29
03. Blue 88 (free) 06:53
04. A Stain Of Ink - Part I 03:03
05. A Stain Of Ink - Part II 05:50
06. A Stain Of Ink - Part III 03:02 is a five-piece hailing from Athens, Greece. They were completely formed in October 2010 and have since been working on original material, with influences spanning from instrumental rock to new wave guitar driven music and ambient soundscapes. Their debut release, "The Glass/Nails EP" is now available for online streaming.

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