14 April 2012

I Like Trains - The Shallows

Artist: I Like Trains
Album: The Shallows
Genre: Post-rock, Ambient
Label: ILR Previously Fierce Panda, Kids, DTTR and Beggars Banquet
Year: 2012
From : Leeds, UK

01. Beacons (4:28)
02. Mnemosyne (5:21)
03. The Shallows (4:39)
04. Water / Sand (4:28)
05. The Hive (5:02)
06. The Turning of The Bones (3:02)
07. Reykjavik (6:12)
08. We Used to Talk (4:51)
09. In Tongues (3:33)

I LIKE TRAINS are a hidden treasure. Haunting instrumentation and broken, world weary vocals portray a tender depiction of tragedy, past, present and future. Building the bricks of a productive creative partnership, over the past six years I LIKE TRAINS have perfected their craft. Their sullen heart felt songs wash across you like a sea of wondrous turmoil. I LIKE TRAINS have had their music featured on Hollywood film trailers, adverts and television, including an episode of cult series CSI:Miami. In October of 2007, the band released their debut LP, 'Elegies To Lessons Learnt' which contained a captivating collection of tracks documenting a series of historic downfalls and the mistakes we failed to learn from. The band are set to release their eagerly awaited second LP later this year. Whilst articulating the morose truths of life, the band provide a ray of light with their gentle flowing guitars, rich earthy vocals and glimmers of exultant choral euphoria that show hope within despair.

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