14 February 2013

Selenites - Animaltar

Artist: Selenites
Album: Animaltar
Genre: Post-metal, Post-rock
Label: Ruin Your Fun, Moment Of Collapse Records, Maximum Douglas
Year: 2013
From : Toulouse, France

01. I am the one 10:05
02. Tuée par la dernière... 06:01
03. Du lebst 05:57
04. A landscape called hope 07:43
05. And mirage 09:28
06. Ich hasse 02:02
07. Des pluies de griffes 03:46
08. Who can live forever 10:37

SELENITES is a band from Toulouse in the south of France. After touring in France, Belgium and Germany they finally got to record their second album in February 2011. It will be released by the end of 2011 by Ruin Your Fun, Maximum Douglas Records and Moment of Collapse Records.

Bandcamp | Facebook | antiheroes-collective

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