27 October 2012

Echotide - As Our Floodlights Gave Way to Dawn

Artist: Echotide
Album: As Our Floodlights Gave Way to Dawn
Genre: Post-rock, Cinematique, Instrumental
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : Brisbane, Australia

01. Of Addictions 09:58
02. Floodlights 11:10
03. 3mwy (Of Hope) 05:36
04. Embers Glow 13:00
05. Mare Cognitum (Of Memory) 09:28
06. Stillwaters 10:12
07. Of Overcoming Addictions 11:10

Echotide is a instrumental post rock trio based in Brisbane, Australia. Capable of bringing rooms to a standstill, moving from vastly atmospheric and minimalist to symphonic and confronting, Echotide's kaleidoscopic, immersive wall of sound is an instrumental exploration of post, psychedelic and progressive rock.

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