26 October 2012

As In We - As It Should Be

Artist: As In We
Album: As It Should Be
Genre: Post-rock, Instrumental
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : Santa Fe

01. To Be Able To Be Ok 08:51
02. All Here From Downhill 12:59
03. Riding The Mind Eraser 08:27
04. Not Fun Time 07:20
05. Three For All 11:22
06. For Malon 13:12

Formed in 2009, As In We began as an unnamed conduit; a means to vent an unexpressed style of music between its three original members, Haven Willis, Ben Durfee and Gunnar Lyon. Having come from separate bands with varying styles, the three members sought to start a project with a capability of encompassing the dynamics of multiple genres, from the vast, droning beauty of post rock to the technical, frenetic frenzy of math rock and experimental metal.

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