3 January 2013

Immovable Objects - I'll Know to Believe in Sparrows

Artist: Immovable Objects
Album: I'll Know to Believe in Sparrows
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Hawnyawk
Year: 2012
From : San Diego

01. From Bondage To Spiritual Faith 05:14
02. From Spiritual Faith To Great Courage 03:08
03. From Courage To Liberty 07:20
04. From Liberty To Abundance 01:58
05. From Abundance To Selfishness 02:10
06. From Selfishness To Complacency 08:51
07. From Complacency to Apathy 01:04
08. From Apathy to Dependence 06:41
09. From Dependence Back Again Into Bondage 04:54

Immovable Objects started out as the performance and recording name for San Diego-based multi-instrumentalist Matt Gagin. After spending five years with local band Waterline Drift, Gagin says he “…wanted to do something where I played a lot of different instruments and creativity wasn’t stifled by preconception or personality conflicts.” His first record, “Hoping It Stays Just This Broken” incorporated elements of indie rock, shoegaze and electronia into dense soundscapes. “I had no intention of really making a record, I was just going to record when I felt like it and see what was coming out. If I liked it, cool, if not, then I didn’t. I was really just making music for the sake of making music.”

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