13 July 2012

The Candlepark Stars - Take Care and Safe Home

Artist: The Candlepark Stars
Album: Take Care and Safe Home
Genre: Post-rock, Cinematique, Shoegaze
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : Los Angeles, USA

01. Take Care and Safe Home 05:04
02. Glory Days 02:45
03. Glory Days (Piano Only) 02:49
04. The Homecoming Dance 02:31
05. Prom King 02:08
06. We Are All Stars 08:35
07. You Are Gold 09:50
08. Til the Stars Burn Out 05:09
09. We Found Love 08:30
10. You Are Gold (Cinematic Joy Mix) 09:46
11. Best Day of My Life 03:34

This album picks up where "We Give and We Get" left off. To me it feels like the last album of a 3-album arc that began with "All the Little Things" then continued with "We Give and We Get" and now, with "Take Care and Safe Home," finishes. A couple of the songs near the end of the album are surprisingly upbeat! This doesn't signal a new direction for The Candlepark Stars: those are just nice surprises to be found along the way.

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