29 August 2012

Old Man Gloom - NO

Artist: Old Man Gloom
Album: NO
Genre: Post-metal, Experimental
Label: Tortuga, Hydra Head
Year: 2012
From : Boston, Massachusetts, US

01. Grand Inversion 02:24
02. Common Species 07:58
03. Regain / Rejoin 02:31
04. To Carry the Flame 04:31
05. The Forking Path 04:12
06. Shadowed Hand 08:11
07. Rats 08:09
08. Crescent 04:24
09. Shuddering Earth 14:03

Old Man Gloom is a supergroup (containing members of Converge, ISIS, Cave In, Zozobra, Doomriders, Mamiffer, etc.), but instead of making shitty records like other "supergroups", Old Man Gloom actually makes great ones. "NO" was made using acoustic and electric instruments including but not limited to: sheet metal, toilets, human voices, guitars, drums, tambourines, shoes, hands, various other percussive tools, analog and digital electronic devices, and brains.

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